Monday, April 4, 2011

Finally an update

cardigan: Charlotte  Russe
dress: Forever 21
tights: Target! My favorite score for only $1

I'll start off with a What I Wore post! I think this outfit ended up looking spring-time-ish, but really the only reason I threw together all of these things was because most of my laundry was still in the dryer this morning and these were the leftovers in my closet. It ended up being REALLY windy today, which is terrible for both bangs and dresses!

The reason I haven't made any posts in the last week is this little girl. I found her on March 25th, and have been running around to try to take care of her, find a new home for her, and get her to her vet appointments. This past Friday I went to Emancipet to get her spayed. Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays they offer free neuterings/spays and rabies vaccines, but you have to get there incredibly early to get a spot. I ended up waking up at 4:45am to get her in the car by 5:15 so we could get in line right at 5:30am when they first start taking names. We ended up getting there at 5:32 and were number SEVEN! So it fills up really fast. After she got our names down and I filled out some paperwork, I had to wait until 7am to turn her over to the clinic, and then didn't get to pick her up until 5:30 that night. I also had them test for FIV/FELV because I was planning on fostering her until I could adopt her out (and I have another cat), and unfortunately she came back FIV+. Because of her FIV status there were some complications with her surgery, but she seems fine now. It also means that I absolutely cannot keep her, because she can give it to my cat. Cats with FIV can live pretty normal lives, and while it's related to HIV, it doesn't affect cats the same way HIV affects humans. She doesn't have to be on medication, and can live a fairly long life (10+ years), but she has to be a strictly inside only cat and an only cat (or with others cats with FIV). Since I don't have any potential adopters, I will be forced to bring her to the animal shelter later this week. I was very upset about it at first, because I spent all of this time, effort, and money to try to care for her, and now I have to put her in the place I was specifically trying to keep her out of, but the woman on the phone said they still adopt out FIV+ cats (none of the no-kill shelters I called would take her because of it) and there's a good chance she'll be adopted.

So that's pretty much all that has been going on here! Next week I'll probably be able to get back on my normal posting schedule.


  1. First things first - I gave you a blog award on my blog. You can see the post here -

    Second, I love that cardigan! For some reason I've been finding it harder to find cardigans that button across like that. Lately they've been v-neck or scoop neck or SOMETHING other than what I want!

    Third, I'm so sorry to hear that little miss kitty has FIV. I've dealt with that many, many times while I was still a tech. Thankfully more people have been getting better about FIV cats & not automatically putting them down because of it.

    I'm thankful to you that you're kind & sweet enough to take this kitty when she desperately needed someone to take care of her. I know she won't be staying with you forever but I'm glad that she at least had you (and vice versa) even for a little bit.


  2. I love your dress so so much. I would love to wear one like that. I always have a hard time finding clothes.. er.. trying to be creative I guess. Mine are mostly all brown or black. hmmppff.

    That is too bad about the kitty. She is gorgeous. I wish I could adopt her! I think it's just so wonderful what you did for her. <3

  3. LOVE the dress!
    i've tagged you with the kreativ blogger award!