Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's alive!!

I just wanted to give a real quick garden update, I have some very exciting news to share.
First of all, I have made my FIRST harvest from the garden. I have been waiting and waiting to pick the lone jalapeno that has been growing for the past few weeks but my dad insisted that I wait. Well, today I noticed that it was starting to turn red at the top so I went ahead and picked it. Now I just need to figure out what to do with it!

The cucumbers have also started to vine out, and one of them has started to attach itself to the marigolds!

I need to get the trellis set up asap.

I love this picture.

Basil explosion!

I also cut a couple flowers to put in the kitchen. It's not much, but it's nice to have something pretty to look at while baking. I don't have any other space to put in flowers besides my vegetable garden bed, so I only have a few zinnia plants and some French marigolds as a companion plant to the eggplant.

Right now I'm waiting for the strawberry jam I made to cool down so I can make homemade pop-tarts with the recipe my friend and name twin Caitlin provided over at her blog. I have never made jam before and this recipe didn't involve any pectin, so I am a little worried about how it will turn out.

That's all for now!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

dun dun.. dun dun... salsa shark


My name is Caitlin and I'm a student at the University of Texas at Austin majoring in biology...or..something. I share my apartment with my fur baby, Artoo Detoo. He enjoys lounging in the most inconvenient places, catching and puking up bugs, and eating cake. As for me, I enjoy all things 90s, ska, tea, kittens, scooters, baking (I was previously a baking and pastry major), sewing, reading, and crafting. I recently started a garden in my dad's backyard in Houston and I'm hoping it will grow. I am new to the gardening scene so right now I'm shoving things in the ground and hoping something will happen to them. It's been working out for me so far.