Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Unicorns and glitterrrrrr

Alright, so, I never do this, but I discovered this nail polish a couple weeks ago and it's just so amazing that I thought I MUST share! It's called Milani One Coat Glitter, and it's just that, total glitter in just one coat!
I picked it up thinking that it would just be like all other glitter nail polishes I find, just a top coat that gives your nails a little bit of glitter. I was so wrong! Just about everyone who knows me knows that I LOVE glitter, so this nail polish is a total dream come true. Just look..
I'm solid gold, I've got the goods!
Swoon!! I found another blog that has a review for all of the colors available, right here. If I recall, this nail polish wasn't all that expensive, I think just under $4? Next time I'm back in Houston I'm definitely going to go pick up the purple glitter one! It takes about two coats to get the glitter nice and thick, but it actually stays on my nails reasonably well. Part of that is due to this awesome top coat that my mom got me. I have no clue where she found it (and she can't remember, all she remembered was that it was glittery so she "had to buy it" for me).
I've only had it for like two months, and it's already almost half gone! You can see how much I love it. Thanks momma!

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  1. woww thats beautiful!
    i really like opi, but that looks like it has a better effect ! :D
    Rosie xo