Sunday, March 27, 2011

sweet kitty

I found this little girl on Friday and she was so sweet that I couldn't turn her away. I was doing my grocery shopping and went out to the garden section to look for some fertilizer for my roses and she crawled out from under a shelf and came right up to me. I can't keep her, but thankfully I have someone coming over today who will hopefully take her. In the meantime, I took her to the vet to talk about getting her set up with her vaccines and getting spayed. There's a fantastic organization in Austin called EmanciPET that offers low-cost spay and neutering, as well as vaccines and tests. She's either going to go to her new home tonight, or stay with me for a week to get spayed and vaccinated and then I will drive her down to San Antonio to her new family. She's a tiny little thing, about 5 pounds, and has some patches of fur missing around her neck, and her ears are completely bald. She just breaks my heart. She's very friendly and affectionate (and uses the litter box!) and doesn't deserve to be stuck outside. I brought her out onto my patio while I was repotting some plants and she DID NOT like being out there, so she definitely needs a good home.
Money around here is tight, and I am paying for all of the extra kitty stuff out of my own pocket to avoid having to bring her to a shelter. All the money I make from my Etsy shop goes right to getting her vet care, and if you are able, I would really encourage you to think about making a donation to EmanciPET, because they are really truly fantastic people over there.


  1. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE that you help kitties too !!! That makes you incredibly awesome in my book! Thank you for being sweet & for helping this little baby <3<3

    I hope that the people who meet her fall in love with her & she lives the happiest life EVER !!!


  2. ohmygosh, she's so cute! and i'm glad you mentioned that she likes it inside. for some reason, a lot of people think cats prefer to be outside, and the truth is housecats usually live longer, healthier lives. My inside-only kitten turns 17 years old this april and she's as happy and healthy as a peach :)

  3. aww!! She's adorable!

    P.S My glasses shipped today! I should get them very soon!