Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Well, the zinnia has started to bloom, and I'm a little disappointed it only has one layer of petals! You can see the little bits of fuchsia on the yellow petals that gives it the candy stripe name. Maybe more will come up later, or the next flower will be full size. The petals haven't opened up all of the way yet, so there might still be enough time for it to develop more. Either way, I'm still pretty proud of myself for growing this from seed.
I also made a polka dot bow for myself in red and white. The polka dots are actually little hearts! It's pretty cute. This is the same fabric I use to line my sock money and hedgehog zippered pouches. I keep meaning to make more of those zippered pouches, but for some reason I can't make myself sit down and focus long enough and end up making little hair bows like this instead. But I really like my bows, especially in the red and white. It's a little retro and a little Minnie Mouse but all sorts of cute. What do you think?

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  1. LOVE the first photo, and the hair clip is too cute!