Thursday, March 24, 2011

New earrings available!

Panda earrings and bird earrings
I'm really excited about these new earrings. I may not make another set because a lot of fabric hacking has to go on in order to get the right piece of fabric for these, so when they're gone they might be gone forever.

available here
I've also updated the shop with a pouch made from the animal nesting doll fabric I mentioned in my post yesterday. I ended up selling two of the three pouches I listed yesterday, so I'll have to get working on making some more. Both of the giveaways are now finished and I am mailing out the prizes today. If you're a new follower as a result of a giveaway, then welcome! I'm real glad you're here. I have a few other offers for more giveaways, and  the last ones were so successful that I will definitely be doing more.

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  1. You are insanely talented! --I ordered my glasses earlier this week! I can't wait for them to come! AHH!