Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New pouches in the store

Hedgehog love, French poodles, and spring time pouch

Just a few new items added to my Etsy shop. I'll work tomorrow to update with some new bobby pins with deers, poodles, and hedgehogs, and maybe make some mini-wallets. Mini-wallets are great to keep business cards in, and I like to use mine to store gift cards so they won't crowd my wallet but I'll always have them in my purse. There's nothing worse than getting up to the register and realizing you left your gift card at home. I still have this amazing Japanese import animal Russian nesting doll fabric that I haven't made anything for the shop with. I made a large zipper pouch that I intended to sell, but I liked it so much that I ended up keeping it for myself and it's now my makeup pouch. It's as cute as it sounds.

1 comment:

  1. i really love my owl and the pussycat one i bought from your etsy store, i may have to buy another! :D