Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Thift store score!

I swear I have no plans on turning this into a fashion blog anytime soon! I had a job interview at a chiropractic clinic today for a rehab technician and was really excited about it because I'm pre-physical therapy and this would be an awesome opportunity for me. HOWEVER, they said my school schedule just would not work for them, so I couldn't do it. :-( Very sad, I really wanted that job.
The good news, though, is that I found this awesome dress for $9 at the Goodwill yesterday. Initially I was going to put it back because it's a small and I didn't think I'd fit into it. But I do!


So I'm very pleased with that, at least. I wish I had a good full length mirror or someone else to take my picture because it's really hard to show off the whole dress on my own. It's a nice modest but still flirty length (hits just at my knees) and comes with a matching belt, which I think makes it. It's also well constructed out of nice thick material, and the top has boning in it. Such a good piece for nine bucks! Now I have another dress that my cat creepers would match and can go out in public and openly display to everyone how much of a cat lady I am! This will get me tons of dates, for sure.
 p.s. Don't worry, I didn't dress like this for my interview. I had a nice blouse and dress pants and wore my hair down to cover up the blonde, so I looked very professional.

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  1. how cute is that dress!
    very appropriate for 'the cute life' ;)
    Rosie xo