Friday, January 28, 2011

Valentine's Day inspiration

1. pink EVERYWHERE (wip!), 2. Carnival Colors, 3. 1956-Cadillac-Coupe-De-Ville, 4. Valentine's Day Cupcakes, 5. Vintage Lovebirds, 6. doo's heart, 7. Boopsie Valentines, 8. kissed into a smile, 9. kesakuu5-2007 039

 I'm so excited about Valentine's Day, mainly for all the cute stuff they are selling. Target is a girlie girl wonderland this time of year. I was lucky to move out this time of year so I could easily find all the pink stuff I wanted for my apartment. I'll have to get back out there and see what else I can grab this year.


  1. What a beautiful VAlentine selection

  2. amazing valentines thingsss <33
    your blog is so cute btw!
    -Rosie x