Sunday, January 9, 2011

Paying it forward

I have two of my packages ready to be shipped out on Monday! The rest should be finished by the end of the week. I figured I should do it all now before I get lazy and forget about it. I'm the worst when it comes to sending things out. My family lives back in New Hampshire while I'm in Texas, so every year for Christmas I make all of their presents on time, but they end up sitting in my closet until June because I hate dealing with the post office. I promise that won't happen for my Pay It Forward people!
Also, I got a custom banner for my blog made by Rai! I gave her a picture of me, my cat, and my scooter and told her to have at it. Look how fabulous it is.
I love Artoo Detoo riding the scooter!
Today I'm being really lazy and laying around watching TV. I like to think I'm recharging to be productive for the next week. I have to finish registering for my spring semester classes and buy textbooks, mail stuff out, and hopefully add more items to my etsy store so I can keep up with my goal of 20 items listed at all times. All very exciting stuff, I know. I'm surprised I don't make blog updates about school more often because it feels like that's all I ever talk about anymore, but I know how uninteresting it can be. I started this blog to share cute stuff, and physics and evolutionary neurobiology are certainly NOT CUTE. It's almost like I live a double life. In my free time I do lots of crafting and other creative things, but the rest of my life is all about very technical stuff. It works for me, though. It gives a nice balance.

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  1. That banner is SO CUTE!
    As are the things you made!
    AND science is awesome! Feel free to talk physics! I'm more of a chemist myself, but it's all fantastic really =]