Friday, January 14, 2011

In progress..

These pictures are brought to you by my new camera! I was borrowing my dad's Cannon Rebel T1i for all of my pictures, but I will be going back to Austin soon, where the best available camera is on my phone. :(
So!! My dad and stepmom got me an early birthday present!! I'm excited to use it more and learn how to work all the bells and whistles.

I have all of the supplies I need for pouches laid out on my ironing board so I can make some makeup bags/larger pouches today. I love the weight of the linen blend (it's heavier than 100% cotton) and all of the adorable designs. I'm all out of pink zippers so I am unable to use the rest of my new fabric, but never fear! I have an order of zippers coming in next week.
My earrings have gotten a pretty good reception, too! I think these Russian nesting doll earrings are my favorite so far. I also made them in a slightly larger 7/8" size so that two dolls fit on one earring.

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  1. Just sent you a message on etsy because I'd love to order some stuff! :)