Monday, January 10, 2011

Things I Love: Accessories

It has been a while since I've done one of these! Below are a few of my favorite accessories, and I found a neat widget to display the items I have listed in my wists.

p.s. there's a Heather Ross GIVEAWAY over at Fussy Cut! She's giving away a fat eight set of goooorgeous out of print Heather Ross fabric. This material is really hard to find, and when you can find it, they want like $15 or more for a few little scrap pieces.

Here's where you can find everything from my Things I Love post

  • Heart On Your Sleeve Ring by one garnet girl on etsy. I did the worst photoshop job on this ring, but I absolutely love it and there was no way I was not going to include it in my TIL post.
  • Kitty belt from ShanaLogic. I love this, I just wish the belt came in different colors.
  • Rhinestone Bow Headband at Sick For Cute. So cute, and such a great price at only $5.
  • Knock Your Socks Off Heels at ModCloth. ModCloth has so many cute clothes, but most of them are way beyond my price range. I love these heels, but there is no way I can swing $130 bucks for a pair of shoes! I'm planning on making my own pair of glitter flats sometime for one sixth the price.
  • owl wallet from Target. It says the item is sold out online, but I've seen them still available in store.
  • Pleated Love Wristlet by littleoddforest on etsy. I looove this shop. Everything looks so adorable and well made, and I think the prices are really reasonable when you consider that it's all handmade original designs. 
  • Sweater Cats Buttons by papersparrow on etsy. How adorable! I love these


  1. I have that owl wallet!! Glitter shoes... ahh! Yeah, I want pretty much all of the shoes on Modcloth, but they're a bit expensive for me.

  2. ModCloth was the reason I started sewing. I love all of their clothes, but there is no way I would ever spend $60 on a thin cotton dress.