Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Ripley two days after we got her (Dec 10th 2010)
Ripley two days ago. (January 10th, 2011)
I can't believe how big Ripley has gotten in only a month. When we first got her she had these huge bear paws that I thought she would go into, but they're just growing along with her! She's getting huge!! She still gets into plenty of trouble, but she's too cute to get mad at. I am also immensely impressed by her intelligence. She's only 12 weeks old and knows how to sit, do a handshake, and lay down. She's a puppy genius!! Maybe that's the norm for pups, but I like to think she's way above average. ;-)

I would also like to thank everyone who reads my blog. I always check my stats to see where I'm at, and so far this month I've exceeded the previous page views I had all of last month (which was my highest month)! It makes me so giddy. For the first couple months it felt like I was beaming stuff off into space waiting for some alien life form to receive my message. Now it really feels like I have people to share stuff with, so thank you!


  1. I feel the same! My friend Poppy and I have been doing this since the summer and we felt we were pretty much talking to each other and nobody else. =]

    By the way, Ripley is gorgeous! =]

  2. D'awww, Ripley's such a cutie! I know what you mean, my doggie's too cute to get mad at too. And if I have to tell him off for something he gives me huge puppy dog eyes that make me forgive him instantly. I'm such a sucker, haha.

  3. Thanks, Lee!

    Katie- is your dog (the one in your profile picture) also a black lab?