Saturday, August 28, 2010

I've been watching my radishes grow and it's a lot of fun. I've noticed that they have a really pretty sheen to them in the light, almost like they're sparkling! It kind of reminded me of something else that glitters in the sunlight..

So moody

Since I've moved, I've planted radishes, lavender, carrots, lettuce (butterhead bibb and black seeded simpson), bush beans and spinach all from seeds. The black seeded simpson is growing like crazy! I can't wait to eat a salad from my garden.
I've officially changed from the liberal arts college into the college of natural science for plant biology. I was stuck in lib arts for a semester because all the transfer resources gave me misleading information. :-( But all that matters is that I'm in there now! It's a great relief to be on the right track.

In other news, I got new glasses! Getting new glasses is always so exciting. It's like getting a whole new face. Unfortunately the prescription is wrong (I ordered them online) so I have to send them back to get fixed.

I've also cut my hair. It reminds me a little bit of Lucy

Just a little bit.

Luckily my aunt and cousin gave me some fancy barrettes that I can wear whenever I'm feeling sassy.

I love them so much!

I need more sparkly things.

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