Friday, September 3, 2010

This is why we can't have nice things

I turned my back for ONE MINUTE and find Artoo Detoo trying to shove his fat butt into a drawer that is (obviously) way too small for him. His head was in the drawer and his paws were flailing around, pushing everything inside the drawer onto the floor.

The jumper is one I started over a year ago when I first started sewing again. It's a plain dress made with an apple print corduroy I found on sale for half off, I just have to hem the seams. It looks plain, but hopefully with tights/leggings and a long sleeve shirt under it it will look cute for fall.
When I was moving back to Austin I found all the stuff I made when I started and it's neat to see how much better I've gotten. I should probably make more clothes, but it takes too long (hence why this has been unfinished for so long).


  1. Hahahah. I love how there is obviously NO way Artoo is going to fit in that drawer, but he seems to be trying very hard. Maybe he was planning to surprise you by hiding in there.

  2. So cute! My George always tries to do the same... no concept of his fatness :) Also, love the fabric pattern of your jumper!

  3. Oh Artoo, you are so adorable.