Thursday, August 12, 2010

Artoo Detoo!

My cat is the love of my life, he is the only thing that never fails to cheer me up. He's such a mama's boy and a little piggy. I found him outside of a bookstore almost two years ago and chased him around the parking lot for half an hour. A couple people came and joined me, but one by one they started to lose interest and go into the store or back to their car. Just as I was about to lose all hope, I went to my car and took one look back and saw that he was right in front of my car distracted by a bug. One foot was already inside the car, but I swooped in and scooped him up and tossed him in the car before he had a chance to comprehend what just happened to him. I brought him home and immediately washed him, because he was absolutely filthy. He ended up curling up in my lap and purring as I was drying him off, and I fell in love right then and there. I narrowed names down to Vinz Clortho and Artoo Detoo and ultimately decided on Artoo Detoo. It's absolutely perfect for him. He makes tons of weird noises and is a butt head, but in an endearing way. On Christmas day (08) I gave him his name tag and collar and it was official! Now he's fully a part of the family and my dad and stepmom always want me to bring him home when I visit.

I took a million pictures of him this afternoon and this is the only one where he wasn't blurry and/or giving me a mean face.

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