Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What would you buy with $150?

Things you can do with $150
  • eat 150 hot fudge sundaes 
  • adopt 2 kittens
  • buy 15 yards of designer fabric
  • buy enough gas to drive ~1100 miles
  • go to the movies 20 times
Buy ONE physics textbook that will only last you for one semester.
I wish I could say I bought 75 hot fudge sundaes and adopted a kitten with that money, instead.

available here and here, respectively
I put these two makeup pouches on sale for $13.75 in hopes of selling them soon to get money to buy things I actually care about (unlike physics), namely food.


  1. looove the orange makeup bag!
    and boooooo on the textbook :(
    -Rosie xx

  2. Oh my gosh, textbooks cost RIDICULOUS amounts! I can honestly say that I have never bought a book for college because our library has loads. Also, a lot of the students in our college send around emails selling their books that they don't need any more. The book society also has days where they sell them. You should definitely try to sell yours as soon as you're done with it!

  3. I love how you put this because you truly realize how crazy $150 for a book is. I hate how much books cost! And they always change the edition but not the content just so you can't sell them back nowadays. RIDICULOUS. Have you looked into renting them or finding them on amazon? It's the only luck I had.

  4. Thanks, you guys!
    I was kind of in a little bit of a pickle with this book. I absolutely needed it for homework that was due last night, so I was forced to buy it at the university bookstore because I didn't have enough time for it to be shipped. Luckily they give you 4 days to return it, so I'm planning on returning it tomorrow so I can buy the previous edition on Amazon for a(hopefully) more reasonable price. But still! Textbooks are way too expensive. I had to pay $160 for my calculus textbook last semester, and that was the LOWEST price I could find for a USED book!