Friday, February 11, 2011

What I wore today

dress: vintage
belt: Modcloth (right here)
cardigan: Charlotte Russe
necklace: vintage
glasses: Shuron
lipstick: Rimmel in Jet Set. 
(I love this lipstick- it smells like the cherry dip from Dairy Queen!)

I never do outfit posts because honestly, I don't dress all that exciting. But I've been sick the past two days and I don't have anything else going on in my life to post about! Plus, I ordered a dress and belt from ModCloth, and although I'm debating whether or not to return the dress (it's not as flattering as I want for spending the amount of money I did), I really love the belt and it was definitely worth the $10. They also have it available in green, if that's more your style, but I've noticed that the majority of my clothes are either red or navy, so I played it safe with the dark blue.
The dress is one I've had forever. I found it over 5 years ago at a vintage store and it's been in my closet ever since! I hardly ever wore it because it was never flattering on me when I was younger, but now that I've.. um... plumped up a bit.. it fits like a glove. I was actually planning on listing it on Etsy but I don't think I can bear to part with it now. It's in such great shape and I like that it covers up my chest and back completely and goes down to my knees. A lot of dresses they make now are way too short and show a lot of your back, which I really don't like. I don't know of any good vintage/thrift store in Austin, but when I go back to New Hampshire I'm hoping all the antique stores in Maine will be open so I can get some more stuff. I'm sure there are plenty of vintage places in Austin, but they're all shops where the person has scoped out other vintage places and cherry picked the clothes and up charge you so you're paying like $50 for a skirt. I'm way too cheap for that!


  1. Umm... I love your hair and your dress and your belt! =]

  2. love the outfit!
    your glasses are amazzzzingg :D x

  3. Aww, you're cute! I love your vintage dress and modcloth belt! :D

    star-crossed smile

  4. Love the dress! The lacy part around the buttons is neat. I wonder if there's a Buffalo Exchange nearby that you could go to? They have some great vintage stuff and the prices aren't bad. I love that belt too! May have to get one...

  5. Thanks so much, everyone!
    and Rebecca, there IS! There's one within walking distance. I will have to go check it out once I get some spending cash! I've been to the one in Houston but I didn't find anything good. They also sell vegan ice cream right next door, so even if I don't find something I can always get some soft serve!