Thursday, February 10, 2011

Things I Love: handmade edition

Some of the best places to buy handmade:

Etsy- of course! My shop is on etsy, as well as this awesome crocheted jackalope (I might have to buy this as a birthday present to myself), this tote bag, and this adorable plush kitty by Kitty Pinkstars. If you like Kitty Pinkstars' etsy, there's a giveaway going on at Miss Cuppy's blog that you want to check out!

Shanalogic- I really love this site! There's so much cute stuff going on, especially this cupcake necklace and kitty ring.

Another one of my favorite shops is Lori Marie's from pretty little things. It was hard for me to pick out just one item from her store, but I really like this crocheted dream catcher. Her whole shop and blog are so lovely, I really encourage you to check them out.


  1. i just bought the owl and the pussycat pouch from your amazing etsy store! looking forward to receiving it !!!! <3

  2. aww, thanks! That's my absolute favorite fabric EVER. I'll get it out in the mail right away. :)