Sunday, February 20, 2011

Look- I haven't killed them yet!

I have the bad reputation of killing houseplants, but I've had these for three weeks (the ivy even longer!) and so far I have watered them and kept them safe from the sharp pointy teeth of little kitty. I found the orchids on sale at Home Depot, and just happened to find a gift card to there in my wallet, so I bought a small African violet plant to see how much money was left on my card, and when the cashier told me I had a bunch of money left on there I immediately went back and picked up these orchids and some succulents. The woman at the register also gave me a discount on everything for being a "sweetheart" so I didn't have to pay anything out of my pocket!
I found the ivy on clearance for a buck at another store, and it always makes me a little sad when perfectly good plants are marked way down, so I brought it home. The good thing about ivy is it's pretty hard to kill, so even though I've put my African violets pretty close to their grave, I'm pretty sure this ivy can stick out whatever I throw at it. I've already moved it to the bathroom and forgotten about it for over a week (oops), but I just took it out today and it seems to be fine.
Unfortunately the freak hard freezes we had in Austin have killed all of my outside plants, but hopefully that's done with, because I have some sweet peas that I grew from seed that are doing really really well, and are just about ready to be transplanted to a window box. Most of my zinnia seedlings have been eaten by Artoo, but there are about 4 that I can transplant. I'm really really hoping these will continue to grow, zinnias are one of my favorite flowers because they get nice and bushy and make for such nice cut flowers.


  1. I kill plants too! This gives me hope! I really want some orchids!!

  2. they're beautiful!
    i kill all plants i own, im terrible at remembering to water them!
    ha. xo

  3. These plants are so pretty- I'm sure they brighten your day! :)