Friday, September 10, 2010

apartment part 1

I've been trying to spiffy up my apartment. When I first moved in the living room walls were a dark grey, and the kitchen was brown, along with the bathroom. The bedroom was a weird sort of sea foam pastel-y green that everybody said "wasn't that bad". I'm not going for a place that's "not too bad", I want something that I will love. It took me forever and a day to prime and paint all the walls, but it's finally done. The living room is "jalapeno", the kitchen "wading pool" and the bedroom "lilac fancy". The bathroom has been spared for now, because honestly I'm pretty sick of painting.

(a few of these pictures are older, before all the trim was painted. Everything is finished now, though)

1 comment:

  1. Your apartment is too adorable! i can't wait to own something like this and have my own little garden :)

    Update with photos on how everything looks now?