Monday, October 15, 2012

Instagram: Week in Review

1. New orchids! I'm very excited for these
2. We went on a day trip to Julian, CA this weekend and this was the only picture I got of us!
3. Cinnamon roll pancakes from Saturday morning. They were so good that even the cat ate some.
4. Mom's Pie in Julian. They were all sold out of apple crumble by the time we got there, but I thought the interior was wicked cute.
5. Hot apple cider!! This was in Julian from local cider, but when we went home I had to pick up more spiced cider and I have at least two or three cups a day now.
6. My favorite Hell Bunny dress (I bought it here) has been on weekly rotation while it's still warm enough, along with my trusty Friendly Toast squirrel purse. I highly suggest you check out Hell Bunny I have a couple dresses and they're all adorable.

1 comment:

  1. I love Hell Bunny dresses too! I have one with anchors and nautical bits and pieces all over it, it's my favourite dress to wear! Yours looks amazing! Xx