Sunday, September 2, 2012

Moving pictures

I finally linked up my phone to my Google account to easily access my pictures. I feel like I've put off this post for the longest time (over 2 months!) so here it is. Sorry about my posts switching from my nice camera pictures to crummy iPhone pictures, but a phone is a lot easier to tote around and there's no photo editing which saves me lots of time.
Last meal in Houston the morning before we left.

Artoo Detoo taking a peek to see what's going on.

Some pretty views outside of San Antonio.

The cute hotel we stayed at in the middle of nowhere. (Van Horn, TX)

Finally made it out of Texas.

I'm never moving to Tucson.


Making our way into CA. The car was a bug magnet the entire trip. I think there are about a million poor bug guts splattered over the windshield by the time we got home. 

The sun started to set right as we made it across the CA/AZ border.
All together it took about 23 hours total driving time and it really wasn't as bad as I was expecting. We only stopped  for one night in Van Horn, TX. It took almost 12 hours just to get out of Texas! The cat was surprisingly very good the entire trip. He's a great traveler. I used to bring him back and forth between Austin and Houston (about a 3 hour drive) at least once a month so he's pretty used to it. He whined for the first half hour but didn't make another peep until we got into San Diego! I was such a proud kitty mama. My dad got a special (extra large dog because he's a gigantic cat) travel crate for him to be comfortable, so thanks dad! It took a couple days for us to get settled into our new home but things are great now. I'm absolutely loving San Diego. I'm sure I'll post more about the new apartment but it will probably take me another two months or so to get around to it.

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