Sunday, September 30, 2012

Instagram: Week in Review

  1. Cute polar bear nails. They were supposed to be cats but I couldn't get the ears to work. That's okay, I like polar bears too.
  2. Finally getting some use out of my Sourpuss pineapple dress. I got this half off a couple months ago and never wore it much and just rediscovered how cute it was. I love when that happens! Also, my kitty iPhone case
  3. Getting ready for Halloween! I'm TOO excited about this cat. He's currently hanging out in the office for now. 
  4. Artoo Detoo being fluffy. He's such a handsome lil fella.
  5. Ribbon fries from the street fair going on only a few blocks away from us. This entire weekend we have been eating fair food. Roasted corn, lemonade, funnel cake, french fries, mmmm...
  6. AWESOME mail day. I ordered the Sourpuss black cat sweater on Thursday from (how could I resist?) and got it on Saturday, then my Tony Moly cats wink mascara and petite bunny lip gloss (in peach) finally arrived from Korea along with some BB cream samples. Maybe I'll make a post about them later. I also bought the cat lipstick from the cats wink collection. Korea needs to stop making adorable things or else I'm going to be broke.

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