Thursday, September 26, 2013


I've been making slow progress on getting all the bracelets for Artoo's donors done. I've had some issues with my back and being hunched over trying to bead doesn't exactly help. I'm still not spinning yarn because my back just can't deal with it, but I'm able to do some short bursts of beading. I can't seem to keep myself away from the pretty sparkly things for very long. I also found some adorable cat/mouse findings and I thought they were just perfect for the donors. I had to refrain from saying 'purrfect', I hope you appreciate I didn't go for the easy pun. My favorite one so far is the brown/yellow one. I love the color of the seed beads, it's almost like an oil slick type finish, but as I was making it I really wasn't feeling it with the pattern. But then I added the yellow Czech crystals and it all came together. It has a really lovely Victorian type look to it when worn and it's not too flashy so it's great for everyday wear. I might have to make myself one because it's a little difficult giving this one away. Tonight I'm working on adding the remaining crystals and clasps so I can mail these puppies out tomorrow. There's 4 days left to Artoo's fundraiser for anyone interested. Bracelets are $30 shipped (US only) and there are a couple other perks.

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