Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pure awesomeness

I'm very fortunate that the interwebs have brought me together with some fantastic people. Among them is my craft swap partner from a knitting/crocheting and sewing swap. I had such a great time with the first round of swapping that I contacted them and arranged for a private swap along the same lines (she would crochet me stuff, and I would sew her stuff). I originally just wanted a pair of these, but we ended up doing a larger swap, so not only did she make me an awesome pair of slippers, but a giant Kirby amigurumi, a baby adipose (from an episode of Doctor Who) amigurumi, and a cupcake pin cushion.
I love the chubby little fingers and toes!
It's HUGE! And so perfect!
I'm so blown away by the awesomeness and quality of everything I've received. Everything besides the slippers are patterns that she made up herself. I am so impressed. I mailed out half of the stuff I made for her, but kept running into difficulties with the second package (sewing machine tension problems have been plaguing me for the past month, being sick all last week, and then forgetting my sewing machine cord when I brought everything else I needed to finishing hemming a skirt and mail it out while visiting in Houston), so I hope once she FINALLY gets the package next week that it will be worth all the effort she put into my package and the extra wait.

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