Monday, July 12, 2010

Houston, we have squash

I can't believe it's only been a month since I planted the garden. I'm especially impressed with how quickly the summer squash has grown.

This was taken exactly one month ago..

and look what has already started to appear!


I am beyond excited about this. In the last two weeks the plant has exploded. The past couple days have been really rainy, so I haven't been out to check the garden, and last night I was totally surprised when I discovered squash. There are two babies on one of the plants but tons of blossoms on both. I've been looking through the Vegan Yum Yum blog and it's making me really excited about cooking these guys up.
I would have more pictures of the bigger squash that's growing, but my dog decided he wanted to poop RIGHT in front of the plant, so I had to maneuver around it, and all of the pictures of it came out crummy. Thanks a lot, Rocky.

Also, every time I go out to the garden the neighbor's dog constantly yaps at me through the fence. I got a good look at the little booger today.

This is why I'm a cat person.

But wait! There's more!




We also put up a trellis type thing for the cucumbers yesterday. They were starting to attack anything they could, so hopefully this extra piece of railing will be able to keep them in line. As I was putting it up, I noticed that one of the cucumber plants had a vine that had POKED THROUGH a leaf on the other cucumber plant, and had curled itself all around that leaf.

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  1. i love your pics...i like to eat veggies, i just don't like getting dirty or sweaty growing them...but i never said i was a tree hugging greenie